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  • Professional Guardian Abuse of the Elderly April 5, 2021
    Guardianships for the elderly and incapacitated a great help when they work properly. But if a guardianship goes awry, as is portrayed in the Netflix movie I Care a Lot, it can be a nightmare. In some cases, anyone can petition the court for guardianship of an elderly person who seemingly can’t take care of […]
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  • How Can Blind Spots Hide Deadly Hazards? April 2, 2021
    For new drivers, few concepts feel more disconcerting than the notion of a blind spot. The idea that you may not see another vehicle next to yours even in broad daylight, and that another driver might not see you, seems to defy common sense. As humans, we have an effective primal instinct for knowing when […]
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  • Why Should You Take Neck Injuries Seriously? March 30, 2021
    Popular culture tends to portray neck injuries as non-serious. More times than we can count, we’ve seen characters in television comedies get laughs by wearing a foam collar that limits mobility and looks silly. Neck braces also show up in courtroom shows as the hallmark of accident victims trying to squeeze a few dollars out […]
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  • Why Is Speeding Is a Factor in More Than a Quarter of Fatal Accidents? March 28, 2021
    Speed limits not only reduce the amount of fuel that a vehicle uses but also save lives. Despite this, the number of lives lost on South Carolina roadways over the previous decade does not appear to have declined in any meaningful manner. What is even more concerning is that some of these accidents could have […]
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  • When Do Nursing Home Evictions Qualify as Abuse? March 26, 2021
    The decision to place a loved one in a skilled nursing facility is not one that concerned family members take lightly. Whether you have a family member who is aging and can no longer remain at home safely, or your loved one has a disability or is recovering from a serious injury and requires more […]
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  • Latest Arbitration News By Nathan Hughey March 4, 2016
    Attorney Nathan Hughey has handled numerous nursing home and assisted living arbitration matters recently, prevailing in three claims in late 2015 and early 2016.* Arbitration decisions have generally been favorable to Plaintiffs recently, meaning the tide appears to be turning. Four Circuits in 2016 Rule Against Arbitration Requirements By David Seligman In January and February, […]
    Nathan Hughey
  • 5 Million Dollar Assisted Living Verdict November 24, 2015
    DETROIT — An Oakland County jury held an assisted-living facility liable for the death of a 90-year-old dementia-stricken resident after she swallowed dishwasher detergent left in an unsecured cabinet. Lawrence J. Buckfire, co-counsel for the estate, said he was pleased that the jury determined the decedent’s age was not a factor in awarding her estate […]
    Nathan Hughey
  • Researcher Finds Understaffing, Poor Work Conditions Can Lead to Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes November 9, 2015
    Nathan Hughey handles nursing home abuse and neglect cases routinely. Carolyn Pickering is trying to figure out what causes elder abuse in nursing homes. She’s going straight to the source and asking certified nurse aides what they think the problems are. “It’s not one problem per say, but I think if we’ve learned one thing it’s that worker safety […]
    Nathan Hughey
  • SC Nursing Home Citations by Facility October 20, 2015
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    Nathan Hughey
  • Are There Different Types Of Alzheimer’s Disease? October 5, 2015
    Interesting Forbes article: Are There Different Types Of Alzheimer’s Disease? Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Nathan Hughey
    Nathan Hughey