Emergency Room and EMT Negligence

Did an Emergency Room Doctor Make a Mistake?

Hospital emergency rooms have become health insurance policies for millions of uninsured families over the past several years. The Affordable Care Act not withstanding, many millions of Americans remain uninsured. Unfortunately, this means that emergency medical technicians, emergency room nurses, and doctors are under immense pressure from an increased workload. Under emergency conditions, there is no room for error. A mistake can mean a lifelong injury or death.

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The Hughey Law Firm, located in Charleston, South Carolina, handles litigation in the area of medical malpractice and emergency room errors. If you or a family member has become a victim of medical negligence while using emergency room services, we are ready to help you fight to protect your rights and recover money damages.

Wherever you are in South Carolina, contact our offices in Mount Pleasant to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced injury trial attorneys. Additionally, attorney Stuart Hudson is licensed to represent clients in Georgia.

We represent clients whose injury claims are related to ER mistakes and medical negligence, including:

  • Emergency room and hospital errors
  • Ambulance and medical technician mistakes
  • Improper medications
  • Wrong diagnosis
  • Surgical errors

Experienced Representation For ER Mistakes and Medical Negligence Claims

It is becoming increasingly difficult to win money damages for medical malpractice and neglect on the part of emergency room professionals. Diagnosis and treatment can be technically difficult to make clear to a potential jury. Furthermore, courts expect the victim to demonstrate that the improper treatment not only caused further injury or death, but that financial damages resulted from the professional's mistakes.

We are experienced trial attorneys, but we are not medical doctors or nurses. We work closely with independent nursing experts and medical experts to determine the full extent of your damages and the expected level of care you should have received in the emergency room. When we prepare a case for a full and fair settlement, we have the facts at hand to take you case in front of a jury if necessary.

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