Falls and Fractures

Falls, Hip Fractures, and Injuries With Broken Bones

As our loved ones grow older and become more fragile, it is very important the conditions in which they live are as safe as possible. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities have a duty to prevent falls that lead to severe and traumatic injuries. Our nursing home lawyers have handled hundreds of nursing home cases, many of which involve falls and fractures. Nursing home falls often occur when a resident is left alone, contrary to the care plan and the need for supervision and monitoring. Assisted living facilities are not allowed to keep a resident whose condition changes for the worse or to the extent they need nursing supervision. However, many of these companies keep the residents due to the financial incentives, and that simply is not right or fair. The Hughey Law Firm knows how to prosecute nursing home fall cases and use our knowledge of falls and prevention to help you and your loved one get justice. Contact us today for a free consultation. Personal injury cases handled on contingency.