Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

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The nursing home attorneys at Hughey Law Firm understand that in some instances, nursing home facilities do not take care of their patients, and your family, like they should. Nursing homes and other care facilities are hired when families need help caring for their family members because they struggle to care for themselves. These facilities also offer families peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are being provided a higher quality of life than they could offer on their own. This multi-billion dollar industry receives state and federal monies and is required by law to adhere to strict protocol and procedures. Nursing home and home health management and staff are legally expected to offer the highest standard in personal care, sanitation, and supervision. If your loved ones have been neglected, maltreated, or abused in one of these facilities, our nursing home attorneys will fight vigorously and tirelessly for you and your family and will always hold care facilities accountable for their actions in order to prevent the establishment from creating future victims. Our team of nursing home attorneys in Charleston will be your advocate in these difficult times and will seek justice for your family member who has been mistreated or suffered abuse.

Our experienced team can help you in all manner of elder care injury cases including:

We are former nursing home defense lawyers now fighting for you. The nursing home attorneys at Hughey Law Firm LLC practiced as nursing home defense attorneys for years, defending nursing homes, the corporations that own them, and the insurers that insure them. Our nursing home attorneys in Charleston left that practice to serve as advocates for the rights of nursing home patients and their families. We know the effective strategies to win.

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Unfortunately, nursing homes often fall short of the trust families place in them to care for their parents and loved ones. If a loved one in your family has suffered an injury or abuse while living in a nursing home, you must stand up for their rights. Nobody will do it for you. The Hughey Law Firm and our Charleston nursing home lawyers are ready to help you fight to put a stop to:

Attorney Nathan Hughey and the Charleston nursing home attorneys of Hughey Law Firm regularly prosecute nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home health care agencies, hospitals, and community residential care facilities that are guilty of elder abuse. We have extensive experience and unique insight regarding nursing home injuries and management, as well as how nursing homes work to defend themselves against charges of neglect.

Mr. Hughey regularly lectures on nursing home litigation and the protection of the elderly and has authored extensive material regarding nursing home litigation. He is frequently retained by other firms for assistance with nursing home injury cases.