Nursing Home Abuse

Need Nursing Home Attorneys Who Will Fight For The Elderly?

Abuse at assisted living facilities or residential care centers occurs much more often than people think -- against helpless, vulnerable adults. There is right and there is wrong. The nursing home attorneys at Hughey Law Firm, represent our elderly that are simply being treated wrong. Abuse may take the form of physical cruelty, such as striking or pushing residents. In addition, other forms of mistreatment such as verbal and even sexual abuse. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are required to screen and hire those persons who do not have a history of neglect, abuse, mistreatment, or any other felony. Our nursing home abuse attorneys have the resources to uncover the facts of nursing home abuse through investigation, depositions, written discovery, interviews, private investigators, and other means. Unfortunately, we know what goes on inside nursing homes. We use our knowledge and experience to uncover and expose abuse while gaining justice for your family member or loved one. Contact us to arrange for a free consultation. Personal injury cases handled on contingency.